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We are a digital agency that help people transform their businesses online.

A different kind of digital agency; No outsourcing. No fancy offices. No shortcuts. No attitude. And no man left behind. If we take on a project, we’ll see it through, and we’ll nail it.

Better staff. Fewer clients. More time. Better results.

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Search Engine Optimisation & Google Adwords Management

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What we do.

The insights, acumen and capabilities to transform companies for the better. If it’s not listed below we can probably figure it out, or know someone who can.

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WordPress, Node, React & PHP Web Development

Beautiful code is behind every website we create. Specialists in WordPress web development using PHP, and Javascript web development including React and Node JS. In-house capability to build the most complex of websites fast and efficiently. White label web development available for creative agencies. All web development 100% done in-house - we do not outsource anything.

Web design / UX

Three in-house user experience and website design specialists. Websites which look nice and are impressive is one thing, websites which achieve objectives is something entirely different. Matterhorn Digital website design puts achieving business objectives first, though you can assume that anything we produce will look superb also.


Have you considered using video to support your marketing efforts? It's a terrific medium, and is possibly easier and more affordable than you think.

Search Engine Optimisation

Done right, SEO is multi faceted. Overseen by the SEO specialist, but dependent on a melange of expert skills including design, copywriting, and web development. When done right SEO will achieve abundant high rankings on Google, but not at the expense of your brand’s visual appeal and voice.

Digital Marketing

When we talk of digital marketing, the main channel remains Google Adwords. Google Adwords management isn’t always the most glamorous of jobs, but the results it produces - when done well - can be fortune changing for many a business.

Social Media Management

If the client fit is right, we provide social media management. Engaging an audience through social media is more than just writing cheery comments and dishing out ‘likes’; it has a purpose and consequences are there if it is mishandled. If the client fit isn’t quite right, we can recommend social media management contractors.


Experience in designing and developing e-commerce websites over many years means we simply know the best ways to do things. And if we don’t know the answer, we know how to find out. Variables you won’t have even considered will influence the efficacy of your online store, and you will require ongoing, intelligent support. We can help.

Analytics & Reporting

One of the main benefits of ‘going digital’ is the increased ability to measure results. If you prefer knowing your hard earned marketing budget is actually doing what it was intended to over the ‘spray and prey’ methods of yesteryear, invest in analytics and reporting.


One of those things which is often simply easier and better if left to a specialist. On occasion we encourage our clients to prepare copy themselves, but sometimes it is simply more efficient - and better - for us to do it. We have two very experienced in-house copywriters used to writing for a diverse range of businesses including the highly technical, both trained in writing for SEO.

Web Hosting

Not all web hosts are created equal. Web hosting might appear to be a ‘one size fits all’ service, but when the proverbial hits the fan you only want to be dealing with quality people. Superior server management and seriously responsive server admins. Top of the line VPS servers goes without saying.

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