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AVNU by LJ Hooker

Real time real estate


React JS development, JSX
Contentful headless CMS
Static site generation
Netlify continuous integration

Facing a really tight deadline, we took on the challenge of developing the new AVNU website for real estate agents LJ Hooker.

It wasn’t the website itself which was the main challenge, it was developing the site using a headless CMS with continuous integration deployment – our first commercially in such a short timeframe which applied the pressure here. But so long as deadline and / or challenge is achievable, they can add a real buzz to a project, as was the case here.


React Javascript web developers


Being able to exchange ideas and troubleshoot some of the complicated factors with the very sharp development minds at LJ Hooker added a satisfying teamwork element to the project. The Google Maps API integration wasn’t the easiest we’ve done, nor were some of the usually quite elementary things like the contact form and standard content pages due to the plethora of parameters being taken in to account.


React Javascript developers in Sydney


The technologies and APIs used to develop the AVNU website are pretty neat for anyone interested. React JS of course, Netlify and Contentful stand out and make for what is a pretty slick website.

You can view the live website here.

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